Adventure Time: Finn The Human – DVD Review

What time is it? ADVENTURE TIME! With Jake the Dog and Finn the Human, the fun never ends.

Available November 25th from Warner Bros. The latest Adventure Time DVD collection is the ideal holiday gift for any Adventure Time fan. The DVD comes in a special collectors case that includes a Finn Backpack. Other than the awesome collector’s item included with the DVD, there isn’t anything else. No bonus features of any kind. But this is more for the kids than it is the adult fans of the show who would rather own the series in seasonal order and in high definition. But if you’re like me and the backpack catches your interest, I’d say it’s worth picking up for that alone. Otherwise, skip it.

The DVD includes the following episodes

  1. The New Frontier

  2. The Lich

  3. Finn the Human

  4. Jake The Dog

  5. We Fixed a Truck

  6. Blade of Grass

  7. The Red Throne

  8. The Great Bird Man

  9. One Last Job

  10. Little Dude

  11. City of Thieves

  12. Conquest of Cuteness

  13. Who Would Win

  14. Ignition Point

  15. Furniture & Meat

  16. Sad Face